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You are currently viewing the artwork of the artist Christopher Holdsworth. Here I will post links to my blog, events and any updates. The site is currently a free so will not hold much content, so follow the link to my blog to get the latest on my work.

Originally I came from a background of working in Land Art. Growing up in the countryside it had a heavy influence upon me. Lately however I have transcended this field and have pushed my practice towards a more sculptural direction. I sculpted in the land before, using natural materials, now however I pursue my ideas with a different mentality.

There is a sense of 'found' materials throughout my artwork, bending the material of choice to fit the object, piece or context in question.

The context I speak of recently relates to the relation between abject of the body, and abject within the land. There is a great number of similarities to be found in both and is a favourite topic of mine to explore. I have explored further into this phenomenon by researching the notion of loss of identity, and the subsequent re-esablishment of the identity once 're-found'. It can never be the same, it merely takes on a new form.

A big influence for this was the poem 'Ozymandias' in which the narrator discovers a large sculptural head in the desert. Where it came from and its origins, he can never know, he can only project his view and idea onto the piece, thus losing its original identity and taking on a new one. This theme is evident in my latest work, especially in the piece 'For Brutus, For Ozymandias, For Us', which is a homage to the poem itself.

If you are interested in abject, the land, the uncanny and contemporary sculpture you should enjoy the art on display. If you would like to know further please don't hesitate to ask. You can either do this in the box below or follow me on Blogger or Twitter, both of which are linked on the side.